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Welcome to the Prime Minister's Delegation to GotaGoGama

Here we give an ear for your voice


Message from the Prime Minister

Be patient, I will gradually turn the ailing economy around

"I will do my part. I will act to restore the economy. I will help preserve the rights of the people.

Today the voice of the youth has emerged because of the issues they face. GotaGoGama is a symbol of that. These youth should administer that site, not the government. They have sent me eight proposals and I would like to discuss these with them. We have to transform things by listening to them"

- Ranil Wickremesinghe - 


Tell us A Problem 

Tell us a problem or Issue you are facing as the youth and we will try our best to facilitate a solution

Present a Solution to a Problem

Anyone can tell us a problem. But only those who can think outside the box can present a pathway to the solution. Take time and present us with a detailed solution to a problem you see in the country. If your solution is comprehensive, We will invite you over for a meeting with the Prime Minister and try our best to make it into a reality

Check our Solutions to the crisis and the progress Made

Everyday we make decisions which we hope would solve the current crisis. Please check out our plans and the progress we have made so far

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